this is sally hatchet.


i loooooove personality quizzes and astrology and alignments and personality types because i’m completely obsessed with myself

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"i want to hold the hand inside you…"

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honestly one of the only things that’s bumming me out about going to portland is that everyone in oregon is fucking obsessed with tillamook cheese and are so proud that it’s on their burgers like “bbq bacon burger featuring THREE SLICES OF TILLAMOOK CHEESE” and they all just jizz their pants for this friggin cheese



on september 1st 2017 we should all go to King’s Cross station and be there for the end of Harry Potter’s timeline 

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Aries: stop jackin off
Taurus: hoe and not ashamed of it
Gemini: fake
Cancer: crybaby ass
Leo: BIG Bitch and u fuckin kno it. u love it dont u.
Virgo: ethereal and always SO busy
Libra: basic
Scorpio: u are sleepy and powerful.
Sagittarius: probably like drinkin some healthy shit. u look good as hell too.
Capricorn: bitter
Aquarius: clean ur fingernails
Pisces: stop bein so stingy an love urself

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don’t get it twisted like i respect bugs for being the best they can be in spite of their specific assigned flesh prisons and their ecological significance but they need to stay the fuck away from me 

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The start of a little project I’m working on.


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